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Advanced Engine Cleaning Services in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

At RayTech Auto, we believe TerraClean™ services are the future of vehicle decarbonising. From our service centre in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, we provide the very latest in vehicle maintenance to help prolong the life of a range of components.

Cleaning up Your Engine

The TerraCleaning™ process is designed to clean an engine's interior, restoring it to a like-new condition. The result is an engine which exhibits factory-fresh levels of performance and fuel efficiency. Taking just 90 minutes to perform our work, we'll make you a cup of tea and leave you to relax while we work wonders on your vehicle. Starting at just £95, this service represents incredible value.

Accept No Substitutes

Think of the TerraClean™ decarbonisation method as a valet service for the internal components of your engine and exhaust. Not to be confused with pour-in fuel treatments, the TerraClean™ service we provide involves patented technology operated by trained automotive professionals, and makes effective use of highly refined chemicals.  Only TerraClean™ can restore your vehicle's former performance and economy by eliminating carbon deposits found on oxygen sensors and other engine components.

Ahead of the Curve

At RayTech Auto, we are looking to the future of car maintenance. TerraClean™ is already popular within the United States, where manufacturers like Subaru™ incorporate the process into their franchised dealership service plans. Meanwhile, television mechanic Edd China is championing the benefits of TerraClean™ in his UK-based workshops.

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Available Now

You don't have to wait to feel the benefit in your own vehicle's engine, however. The experienced engineers at RayTech Auto are ready to supply your vehicle with this one-of-a-kind service today. The advantages of this service are truly significant. They include:

• Restoration of Fuel Economy
• Restoration of Vehicle Performance
• Prolonging of Component Life
• Providing an Immediate, Drive-Away Difference

Expert Filter Cleaning

Our three-stage diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning method starts from as little as £199 and helps you to save vast amounts of both time and money. With no need to detach the filter, the labour cost is significantly reduced – by the thousands in situations where a replacement would otherwise be required.

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Preparing Your Car

To begin, we carry out meticulous diagnostics to ensure your vehicle's systems are functioning correctly. When a component or sensor is the cause of an issue, we will advise you of the cost and rectify the problem before further work is carried out.

Finishing the Job

With the DPF still attached to your vehicle, we are able to monitor live data as the decarbonisation process is carried out. Finally, the ECU parameters of your vehicle are reset and a road test of the vehicle is carried out. Once we are certain that the DPF is operating correctly, the job has been completed. When necessary, we will also fulfil DPF repairs.

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