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Regular maintenance ensures sound performance of your vehicle long after the warranty has expired. But did you know that the work does not necessarily have to be performed by a dealer, even if the vehicle is still under warranty? Because here at RayTech we work such a high standard and use the same quality parts as the manufacturer we can care for your vehicle in such a fashion that ALL warranties are kept valid.
To keep things as simple and clear as possible we offer 3 main types of service
Annual/Small Service:: Our Small service we would recomend yearly or every 12,000 miles.
Full/Major Service: Our Full service we would recommend this every third year or 36,000 miles.
Service to Manufacturers spec: We carry out the exact service the manufacturer of your vehicle recommends for the age/mileage. Usually it is less in depth than one of our standard services!.




We provide a full brake testing service to ensure your car can brake quickly and safely at all times.We can fix and supply everything from brake pads to brake shoes, discs, drums, slave cylinders and master cylinders.
We can also supply a range of pipes and hoses.

A wide range of brakes are in kept in stock for cars and light commercial vehicles.
Brakes are often overlooked when you think of car maintenance because the wear is not visible. Please give us a call to arrange a brake service check.
We use approved parts from manufacturers
such as:

• Apec
• Brembo
• Ferodo
• Blueprint
• And many more...




Ensuring your Cambelt is in good condition and is changed when due is of vital importance to the running of your vehicle. A failed cambelt can be catastrophic for your engine. We carry some of the best and most durable belts in the business. They have been specially designed to give you years of trouble-free driving pleasure, and all our belt kits are guaranteed for thier scheduled lifespan.



Warning lights on your dash, electronic issues and hard to find running faults can all be a bit of a pain. We here at RayTech are some of the most highly trained diagnostic technicians you will find. That combined with our constant investment in diagnostic equipment and the training to correctly utilise it means we are guaranteed to get you back on the road as quickly and cost effectively as possible.




Your vehicle’s suspension was designed to give you a comfortable ride. If your vehicle is not absorbing bumps and jolts adequately, we have the parts needed to smooth out the ride.Shock Absorbers – A shock absorber provides controlled resistance to the bouncing of wheels and the chassis. The internal friction can wear out original equipment. We supply and fit quality shock absorbers to return your vehicle to a like-new ride and feel.
Struts – Your vehicle’s struts control the spring and suspension movement in order to keep tires in contact with the road. With time, they wear out and need to be checked every 12,000 miles for your safety. We fit high quality struts that will smooth out the bumpiest of rides.
Coil Springs – Coil springs help keep vehicle bounce to a minimum. Whether it’s the front or rear of your vehicle, we have just the right coil springs ready for installation on your vehicle




A proper exhaust system performs quietly – and efficiently. If you think that your vehicle is starting to get noisy, it may be time for a silencer or pipe replacement.Exhaust Pipes & Silencers – We supply and fit pipes silencers for most vehicles on the road today.
Catalytic Converters – We will ensure that your vehicle’s catalytic converter operates at its environmental best. We supply and fit catalytic converters for most vehicles to make sure that your vehicle’s emissions are kept to a minimum.
Sensors - The more complex vehicles are getting the more advanced and varied the sensors are getting. Most people have heard of an oxygen or O2 sensor, but now there are temp sensors, pressure sensors, NoX sensors and more. These can cause all sorts of issues with engine management and emmisions. We can test and rectify all manner of faults on these systems





Clutches are not visible from the outside, so it can be difficult knowing when you will require clutch replacement. There are a few signs that can help determine whether your require clutch replacement though:

• The revs increase but there is little or no increase in vehicle speed
• Difficulty and noise when changing gears
• Engine revs rise and dip of their own accord

If you are still not sure whether you require clutch replacement then you can always pop along and receive a clutch check from our experienced team. Our engineers will tell you honestly whether you require this work doing or not.
If you do require a clutch replacement, then our experienced and effective team will get to work right away and have you on your way in no time